Best Digital Planners for iPads and Android Tablets

20 Best Digital Planners for iPad and Android Tablets

The best digital planners for iPad and Android: a guide to finding a digital planner that's right for you.

best digital planners for ipad and android tablets - free digital planners

Are you tired of carrying around a bulky paper planner and a collection of pens to keep track of your busy schedule? Do you need a more streamlined way to organize your life and increase your productivity? 

Well, look no further than these digital planners for iPads and Android tablets! With digital planners for Androids and iPad tablets, you can access your schedule, tasks, and notes anywhere, anytime. So, whether you're a student, a professional, or a busy parent, a digital planner can definitely make your life easier by helping you stay organized and always on top of your game!

In this blog post, we've compiled a list of the 20 best free (and paid) digital planners for iPad and Android tablets. Oh, and they’re all tried and tested to ensure top-notch quality in terms of user navigation, visual appeal, and useful features. As for design, you’ll find all sorts of minimalist, modern, and even customizable templates that you can plan out to suit your style and preferences. We've included options that are compatible with popular note-taking apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and Xodo, so you can seamlessly integrate your planner into your existing workflow. 

The Best Digital Planners You Absolutely Need to Try

When it comes to digital planning, we understand that choosing the right digital planner can be overwhelming, so we've also included brief descriptions and key features for each planner to help make your decision easier. And we’re confident that either our best free digital planners or paid digital planners will help you get started! So, grab your Android or iPad and get planning!

1. Best Free Digital Planner: Monthly Planning Toolkit

monthly planning toolkit

Our Monthly Planning Toolkit is perfect for organizing your monthly schedule. It includes a variety of templates to help you plan out your month, including a monthly calendar, habit tracker, and to-do list. This means that you can self-reflect each month and work on long-term goals by seeking out improvement areas and planning out the next month accordingly. With the Monthly Planning Toolkit, you can easily stay on top of all your important tasks and appointments. And that’s precisely why we recommend it as one of the best digital planners for iPads! Not to mention, it’s completely free.

2. Best Free Digital Planner: Weekly Planner Template

digital weekly planner template - best digital planner

If you feel like you’re not productive enough week over week, we have just the thing for you: the Weekly Planner Template! It’s a must-have digital planner for Android tablets or iPads because it features space for you to plan out your weekly priorities, followed with a timetable to schedule each task by the hour. Who doesn't love timeblocking? With this template, you can easily prioritize your tasks and stay focused on your goals. And since it’s a weekly planner, there’s even more room for improvement – new week, new me, right? 

3. Best Free Digital Planner: Goal Setting & Habit Tracker Handbook

digital goal setting planner

Another one of our best free digital planners is The Goal Setting & Habit Tracker Handbook which features a comprehensive guide to achieving your goals through cultivating healthy habits. It includes a step-by-step process for setting goals, as well as a habit tracker template to track your progress and hold yourself accountable. Hence, if you’re actually serious about changing your life, then this is where you should start!

4. Best Free Digital Planner: Morning Routine Cheat Sheet

digital planner for morning routine

Your morning routine dictates the rest of your day which is why it’s absolutely essential that you kickstart your morning the right way. And this Morning Routine Cheat Sheet will help you do just that! It features a special list of healthy habits that you can try incorporating into your routine, such as drinking water, meditating, and exercising so that you can effectively set yourself up for a productive and successful day.

5. Best Free Digital Planner: Daily Planner Template

digital daily planner template

Speaking of the best digital planners for iPads and Androids, we can’t forget to mention the Daily Planner Template: it is a game-changing tool for planning out your day. It allows you to prioritize tasks, timeblock your day, set a daily affirmation, plan meals - and so much more. It's a great first step in consistently making small changes to improve your life in the long term. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective daily digital planner, you should for sure give this one a try!

6. Best Free Digital Planner: Meal Prep 101 Toolkit

free meal planning template

The Meal Prep 101 Toolkit is a great resource for anyone who wants to start eating healthier without spending too much time on cooking. It includes digital planning templates for meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping your meals for the week. That way, you can plan ahead to ensure that you save time on cooking without compromising on the nutritional value or taste of your food. It's the perfecr digital planner to help plan healthy meals that support your goals.

7. Best Free Digital Planner: #MoneyMoves Toolkit

free budgeting template - free money digital planner

The #MoneyMoves Toolkit is one of the best free digital planners out there when it comes to taking a high-level look at your personal finances. If you’re looking to take control of your money, this is the perfect resource for you! You can use it for budgeting, tracking your expenses, and even setting realistic financial goals. With this toolkit, you can easily manage your money and work towards achieving your financial goals. We love a digital planner that helps up level up our finances!

8. Best Digital Planner: The Mega Productive Planner 

The Mega Productive Planner is a comprehensive planner designed to help you achieve your goals and maximize your productivity. It includes space for you to list your goals, track your habits, and of course, reflect on your progress. With this planner, you can easily stay organized and focused on your goals by evaluating your day-to-day progress and adjusting your routine accordingly. With daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning templates - we definitely recommend this one as one of the best digital planners for iPads.

9. Best Digital Planner: 2023 Weekly Productivity Planner

2023 Planner - The Werk Life 2023 Planner - Weekly 2023 Productivity Planner

The 2023 Weekly Productivity Planner is a best-seller for a reason: it's an excellent planner for anyone looking to increase their productivity in 2023. With vision board space, a goal dashboard, and an end-of-year reflection, the planner starts with a reflection section. The planner is hyperlinked throughout (from year to month to week), allowing you to easily navigate the year ahead. There's no doubt that with this digital planner, you'll be making consistent progress. 

10. Best Digital Planner: Digital Financial Planner

Another one of our best digital planners for tablets is the Digital Financial Planner. It can help you make the most of your money through a number of budgeting and savings tracker templates. Think of it as a level up from the free #MoneyMoves Toolkit. If you often find yourself confused about your personal finances, wondering where all your money went, then this is exactly what you need to turn things around! Take control of your finances and work towards achieving your financial goals with this digital financial planner from The Werk Life Shop.

11. Best Digital Planner: Digital Fitness Planner

Fitness goals can sometimes feel impossible to achieve. But every good goal comes with a good plan, and sometimes what you need to kickstart your fitness journey is the right planner to document your goals and progress. This digital planner features unique fitness goal templates to help you set goals, monitor your progress, create workout routines, and maintain consistency through your workout schedule.

12. Best Digital Planner: 90-Day Mindset Makeover Workbook

The 90-Day Mindset Makeover Workbook is one of the best digital planners for either Androids or iPads. If you want to completely transform your mindset, this is the right place to start. The planner includes prompts and exercises to help you identify and counter your limiting beliefs. It helps you work on self-awareness, self-confidence, self-development, and boundaries. It features 9 mini lessons to develop your mindset, pushing you to live your best life. It's designed to help you cultivate a more positive mindset and ultimately, live a more fulfilling life. With its daily prompts and activities, you can effectively face mindset blocks like self-doubt and external forces, to become the best version of yourself.

13. Best Digital Journal: Digital Reading Journal

Are you an avid reader looking for a way to keep track of your books and progress? 

Well, look no further than our Digital Reading Journal! This planner is perfect for bookworms of all kinds, whether you're a student or just someone who loves to read in their spare time. With space to track your reading goals, favorite quotes, and book recommendations, you'll never lose track of your favorite novels again. So, stop what you’re doing and get one right now – you know you want to!

14. Best Digital Journal: Good Vibes Digital Mindset Journal

If only there was a way to filter more good vibes into your life, right?

Oh, but there is! Our Good Vibes Digital Mindset Journal is the perfect solution. It includes reflection prompts and exercises designed to help you re-focus, fostering gratitude, positive thinking, and well, good vibes! Record daily affirmations, positive experiences, and personal achievements on your journey. So, if you’re looking for one of the best digital planners for tablets in the "positive vibes" space, this is the one!

15. Best Digital Planner: Happy Home Digital Planner

Do you struggle to keep your home organized and running smoothly? If that's a yes, our Happy Home Digital Planner is here to help! This planner includes everything you need to keep your home and family life in order – from meal planning and grocery lists to cleaning schedules and even budget tracking. Plus, the customizable templates are super easy-to-use, so it’s perfect for busy moms or anyone who wants to keep their home life under control.

16. Best Digital Journal: The Daily Discovery Journal

The Daily Discovery Journal was designed for the personal development lover who has always wanted to get into journaling, but doesn't know where to start. (You know, when you grab a pen and paper to start journaling, but can't think of anything to get down on that blank piece of paper?) Well, with this journal, we take the hard part out of it. This digital planner features 365 unique daily journal prompts for everyday of the year to help you reflect on your life, values, and daily experiences. Get lost in your thoughts as you partake on your very own self-discovery journey.

17. Best Digital Planner: Digital Dreams Planner

This one's for the ambitious go-getters who have big dreams. Don’t just dream about your goals – turn them into reality with the Digital Dreams Planner. This planner allows you to record your goals, action steps, and progress, so you can stay motivated and always on top of your game. Whether you're starting a new business, working on a creative project, or pursuing a personal goal, this planner will help you break past those limiting beliefs and dream big.

18. Best Digital Planner: 90-Day Daily Goal Planner

This 90 day digital planner includes features a functional system to help you turn your big goals into a 3-month actionable sprint. You'll complete a life audit, create a 90 day roadmap, start planning your days - 1 block at a time. In this digital planner, we help you break your big goals down into smaller, actionable steps. It's no doubt, one of the best digital planners for iPads and Androids!

19. Best Digital Journal: 90-Day Self-Care Journal

Do you struggle with making self-care a priority in your life? Well, the 90-Day Self-Care Journal can help! It’s designed to help you prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health through 90 daily self-care exercises and challenges. If you're looking to create a more balanced life, this digital self-care journal can help!

20. Best Digital Planner: Digital Nutrition and Meal Planner

If you’re trying to improve your eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you need to try our Digital Nutrition and Meal Planner . One of the best digital planners for iPads when it comes to meal planning - you'll love what's in store with this one! We're talking beautiful templates for creating recipes, logging meals, planning meals, making grocery lists, and so much more.

You can easily track your calorie intake, monitor your macros, and even set goals for your daily water intake. And the best part is that it’s optimized for use on all digital tablets, including iPad and Android tablets. Thus, if you're looking to gain or lose weight, eat healthier, or just stay on top of your meal planning, the Digital Nutrition and Meal Planner can help you stay organized to achieve your goals. Download it today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you! It's an awesome digital planner for anyone who wants to make healthy eating a priority. 

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So, whether you're a busy professional, a student, or even a parent, these are some of the best digital planners for iPad and Android to help you stay organized. Planning on your tablet is a fun, sustainable, and cost-effective way to get organized in your life. 

And at The Werk Life, we're continuously enhancing our line of digital planners.

Browse and shop the best digital planners for Android tablets and iPads at The Werk Life Shop.

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