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Digital Nutrition and Meal Planner

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A little planning can go a long way when it comes to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. From planning your weekly meals to logging your favorite recipes, we're helping you stay organized with the Digital Nutrition and Meal Planner.

With over 10 unique templates, this digital planner will help you create a weekly meal prep menu, organize your grocery list, track your macros - and so much more. Organize your kitchen pantry, log your favorite recipes, and make a plan destined for success when it comes to your nutrition.


The planner is hyperlinked with tabs making it easy to swiftly navigate across all pages of the planner. And, you can easily duplicate as many pages of the planner templates as you'd like! (And if you prefer a printable, non-linked version of the planner, you'll receive that as well.)

What you'll get:

Planner Pages & Worksheets:

  • Cover Page
  • ¬†section covers
  • Dashboard
  • Weekly Menu
  • Grocery List
  • Daily Meal Log
  • Macro Tracker
  • Kitchen Staple Items
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Fridge & Freezer Inventory
  • Kitchen Appliance Wishlist
  • Recipe Template
  • Favorite Go-to Recipes
  • Breakfast Recipes to Try
  • Lunch¬†Recipes to Try
  • Dinner¬†Recipes to Try
  • Snack¬†Recipes to Try
  • Healthy Takeout Meals
  • Restaurants to Try
  • Notes (5 pages)

Once purchased, you'll receive:

An email with a link to download your purchase. This will include 1 .ZIP file which includes 3 .PDF files:

    • Instructions & Installation Guide
    • Printable¬†Nutrition and Meal Planner
    • Linked Digital¬†Nutrition and Meal¬†Planner

Please note that this product is digital in nature, no physical product will be shipped.

If you are printing your planner, note that due to certain printer settings, a white border may appear around the planner. Your printer may have the option to remove borders, while others may not.

For questions and support, please contact

How to use

For general set-up, visit: Digital Planners: Instructions & Installation Guide

If you're purchasing a Google Spreadsheet, installation instructions will be provided once purchased.

All planners will come with an Instruction Manual once purchased.


Q: Will I receive a physical copy in the mail?

A: No. This product is digital in nature. Upon purchase you will receive a zipped file which includes the Planner in PDF form. You will have lifetime access to the product.

No Shipping

This is a digital product. No item will be shipped. You will receive an email with access to download the file upon purchase.

Return policy

Due to the nature of our products (digital), you will receive permanent and instant access to the file once purchased, therefore no refunds or cancellations can be offered. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us at and we'd be happy to help.


The items for sale are for personal use only, and may not be resold, remade, copied, redistributed or used for commercial purposes.

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